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Contractors that install alarm systems in homes and businesses are trusted with being the eyes and ears for those they are protecting.   Your job inherently requires you to take on risks and responsibilities.  

Whether you are installing fire alarms, or other central monitoring systems, you have plenty of competition out there as well.  Technology is often changing.  Your clients need you 24/7.    You need an insurance company that is going to be just as vigilant as you are.

That's why we're proud to be contracted with The Hartford Insurance Company, offering an Alarm Contractors Insurance Program made just for your business. 

Alarm Contractors Insurance in MA from The Hartford & Elliot Whittier Insurance.  If you are looking for Alarm Contractors Insurance, we can help. 

Special Insurance Program that protects you against the unique risk of the Alarm Contractor from The Hartford and Elliot Whittier Insurance Services.

Insurance for Alarm Contractors in Massachusetts from The Hartford & Elliot Whittier Insurance

A specialized insurance program for your unique business operations will result in true value for your premium dollars.  More than that, you can opt-in to additional coverage areas such as:

  • Extended property damage coverage - This cover's your client's property that is in your care, custody, or control
  • Lost Key Coverage - This covers the cost to replace lost keys and install new locks
  • Property Choice® with Specialized Property Insurance Coverage Endorsement (SPICE®) covers:
    • Contractors Equipment
    • Employee Theft, money and securities
    • Increased limit for your property at unnamed premises, including installation
  • Errors & Omisisons.  Covers an insured who is held legally liable for economic consequences of a professional services errors or omissions arising out of their alarm operations.
  • Aggregate limit.  Applies per project, rather than to all projects as a group. 

 All Coverages are subject to underwriting review.

Note: Elliot Whittier is licensed to sell General Lines of Insurance in MA, NH, RI and ME

Not every insurance agent out there is able to help with this.  Find out more about how the right insurance program will keep your operation in good running shape.  Fill out this form below and we will get right back to you!

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