10 Winter Home Maintenance Tips for Massachusetts Homeowners

As we turn the calendar to a new year,  we can certainly expect to see colder temperatures here in the Northeast.    

Snowy farm field beyond housing subdivision

You can avoid costly damage to your home that winter might bring.   Here are 10 top tips to prep your home for winter, brought to us from Consumer Reports.  The full article can be found at Consumer Reports.   

1.  Protect indoor pipes.  Here's a great explainer video from Consumer Reports.  

2.  Insulate your attic or crawl space

3.  Service your furnace and chimney

4.  Swap in storm windows

5.  Repair loose roofing shingles

6.  Clean and inspect gutters

7.  Repair patio and pavers

8.  Look for ailing tree limbs

9.  Secure outdoor water sources

10.  Mark garden beds, paths, and driveways

Following these 10 key tips can help you to avoid costly damage to your home.  


What to do Next?

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