Address Change?  Here's Some News...

The RMV has advised us of a change regarding address change that we thought was interesting and wanted to pass along. Mass DOT announces updates for address change and voter registration

Effective immediately, when a customer‘s address is changed in the Automated Licensing and Registration System (ALARS) , the new address is sent to the Secretary of State so the customer‘s voter registration address can be updated.

When a customer‘s address is changed, the city/town is notified and the customer will receive a notice in the mail informing him/her of the voter registration change. The customer will not need to do anything else (i.e. register to vote) with the new city/town.

Customers may choose to NOT have the new address sent to the Secretary of State. This will allow a person to change his/her residential address without changing the voter registration address.

Speaking of address changes, when you move, do not forget to tell us or your insurance agent about your new address.    Where you live and where your car is garaged does have an impact on your insurance premium and that information must be accurate in order to assure coverage in the event of a claim.

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