Are Space Heaters Safe at Work?

As the weather turns colder it's not uncommon to see the use of space heaters in the workplace.  This may leave business owners asking the question:  "Is the use of space heaters safe in the workplace?"  

When space heaters are used correctly, they can help to provide a more comfortable working environment.  If used incorrectly, they can cause fire, electric shock, or even harmful carbon monoxide gas. 

Using Space Heaters safely at work Travelers Insurance

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If you are an employer, you will want to provide guidelines to your employees for safe space heater use.   Some possible guidelines for electric space heaters are:

  • A manager or supervisor should approve the use of a space heater prior to use
  • Units should be labeled by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or similar nationally recognized testing lab.
  • Keep 3 feet of clearance around each space heater
  • No flammable liquids or easily combustible material nearby.
  • Make sure there is no tripping hazard from the unit or the cord.
  • Never use an extension cord with a space heater.
  • Never use a space heater with frayed or damaged cords.
  • Do not leave a space heater unattended, and, unplug them at the end of the day.

These are some guidelines for electric space heaters.  If you allow the use of fuel-fired space heaters, you may want to check out  the full article here    from our trusted business insurance partner, The Travelers. 

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