MASS RMV announces 2012 License Plate Lottery

The 2012 Massachusetts RMV Plate Lottery began on June 15, 2012, according to a recent update we have received from MAIA.

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If you would like to enter the lottery, we have included access to the Plate Lottery Form here above. The form includes the eligibility requirements and the list of available low number plates in the order in which they will be picked.

To be eligible, you MUST mail the form to the address listed on the form and it must be postmarked no later than August 13, 2012.

This year there are 124 plates available for the low number plate lottery, including the following:

• Numbers only – two digits (e.g. 73)

• Numbers only - three digits (e.g. 295)

• Numbers only - four digits (e.g. 1157)

• One number and one letter (e.g. 1E)

• Two numbers and one letter (e.g. 10T)

 • One letter and one number (e.g. W3)

• One letter and two numbers (e.g. B43)

The date, time, and location of the lottery plate drawing will be posted on the RMV website

In addition, applicants will be sent notification via email if an email address was provided. Lottery results will also be posted on the RMV website

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