Ever Wonder How the Massachusetts At-Fault Accident Surcharge Works?

Automobile accidents are common.  Did you ever wonder how it's determined whose fault it is, and how the surcharge process works in Massachusetts? Can you appeal?

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The Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance, Joseph G. Murphy, recently issued the following document:  Frequently Asked Questions About At-Fault Accident Surcharges for Personal Automobile Insurance policies.   The document also has links to the Massachusetts Regulation 211 CMR 74.00 which goes into detail about at-fault situations such as Rear End Collisions, Collisions with Parked Vehicles, Out of Lane Collisions, and so forth.

Although it's 6 pages long, it is written language that is fairly easy to understand.  It helps one understand at fault situations, how surcharges are assessed, how long a surcharge will last on an automobile insurance policy, as well as how to appeal a surcharge.

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What to do Next?

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