Why We Do What We Do - A Message from the CEO

The following in an excerpted message from Elliot Whittier CEO, Steve Roy, AKA The Reluctant Blogger:

When I wrote down my personal goals (I don’t like to call them “resolutions”)Steve Roy, CIC, CEO of Elliot Whittier Insurance Services LLC for 2013, I never considered “Start blogging”.  I don’t know how to blog, I don’t read blogs – I’m not even on Facebook!  I don’t consider my thoughts particularly revolutionary or insightful or blog-worthy, I only hope that those who read on will get something out of it…so here goes edition #1 of what I hope will be some ideas you find helpful or at least mildly entertaining.

The fundamental  nature of our business is advising our Clients about insurance matters and providing “service”.  This service often takes the form of transactional business or tasks, and by that I mean the mundane processing of endorsements, renewals, RMV activities, etc.  The real and significant part of what we do involves talking with Clients, asking and answering questions. 

We have made a major investment in a new software system   The whole purpose of this investment is to minimize the amount of time it takes us to complete the “service tasks”, so that we can free up our time to focus on communicating with Clients – asking and answering questions – so we can advise them properly.  The value of what we do is not pushing paper – it is helping Clients with problems involving risk and exposure to loss.

 In order to do a complete and professional job, we must be good at engaging Clients, cultivating relationships and asking questions.  As the saying goes, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”  Insurance can be intimidating to many, and when intimidated or uncomfortable, people behave in ways they’d wouldn’t normally given other circumstances.  It’s important to remember that the next time you get a call from someone who is upset or out of sorts.

 Ok.  That’s enough for now.  If you found this interesting or helpful, please pass it along.  I know I’ll eventually figure out if it’s not worth the time…once I catch up with the rest of the digital world…

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