When Life Changes, so Can Your Insurance Needs

Has life changed?  Marriage, a move, a baby, kids off to college, a new job?  It's very important to check if your insurance is keeping up with you. 

Travelers Insurance 2011 television commercial "Puppy Love" continues the story of the endearing Travelers dog as he falls in love and starts a family, reminding us of one of those important life changes that indicate a time to review your insurance! 


Watch the commercial, then check out the "Guide to Better Coverage" tool at the bottom of this article!  It's a fun, informative way to access how YOUR life changes may affect YOUR insurance!

Whether you're starting out, settling down, or retired, protecting what's important - that's what matters most.  The Travelers Guide to Better Coverage" can help you ask the right questions, so you can find the right insurance to fit your needs. 

Behind-The-Scenes Information - from Travelers:

"Puppy Love" was shot in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park and in Inner Richmond, a popular neighborhood in the city.

The Director is Danny Kleinman, one of the most sought-after directors in the industry.  Kleinman has directed all the commercials featuring the Travelers dog.

Both the Travelers dog and his love interest were rescue dogs that came from animal shelters.

The American Humane Association was on location during the production and has certified that Travelers followed Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media. 


What to do Next?

Have us review your insurance policies and check that your limits are sufficient. Ask what the cost is to bump it up under higher limit scenarios.

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