Grants for Businesses Available

In Control Crash Prevention has announced it's Safety Training Grant.

Vehicle crashes are not only a safety concern, but can drastically impact your business's bottom line.

We know it's difficult to absorb the expense of training your employees as well as paying them to take the training.  Often, the insurance savings realized is well worth the investment, but, we understand it may take years for premiums to fully adjust.

Commercial vehicle collageImage courtesy of Drive In Control

With that thought in mind, we are pleased to be able to share available grants we have seen come across from Massachusetts based In Control - crash prevention training for new and experienced drivers. 

Based on increasing accident rates, In Control Crash Prevention has seen a rise in commercial driver crash prevention training.  In response, the Department of Industrial Accidents has released Workplace Safety Training and education grants.  In Control Crash Prevention is excited to work with you and your employees to prevent crashes.

The objective of the program is to promote safe and healthy workplace conditions by awarding funds to eligible applicants.  Companies and organizations are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to have the maximum opportunity to be funded.  

Grants can cover the cost of training over 100 employees.  2021/2022 grant cycle is open and grants are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You can contact Dan Strollo at or call 978-658-4144 to confirm pricing for your group.

How to get help in applying for the Safety Training Grant

While neither we, nor In Control can complete the grant application for you, there are consultants who can and there are funds to cover that expense in the grant.  

How to Apply for the Safety Training Grant

Here are the links to the documents that you will need.  

Please note: The Application link, above, is found on the DIA website and you can find additional information on there as well:

Are there any other grants available for businesses in Massachusetts?

Yes, In Control has also listed these 3 opportunities:

Workforce Training Fund - Express Program

  • Available to Massachusetts companies

  • Funds 50% of training costs with a maximum of $30,000 available per calendar year

  • Simple application process and quick turn around time

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Workforce Training Fund - General Program

  • Available to any size Massachusetts company

  • Funds up to $250,000 in training expenses.

  • More involved application and slower turn around than Express Program

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On The Job Training

  • Available when hiring new employees

  • No formal application, just a meeting with state agency to qualify

  • Funds wages spent while employee is training with us

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We are pleased to be able to share this tip we first heard from our friends at Safety Insurance for our commercial clients and prospective clients, and we hope you are able to take advantage!  Good luck!  

What to do Next?

Have us review your insurance policies and check that your limits are sufficient. Ask what the cost is to bump it up under higher limit scenarios.

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