How to Hire Qualified Drivers for your Business

Driving on the Job

If you have drivers that operate company owned vehicles as part of your business operations, or even if they use their own vehicles, you are likely asking yourself the following question:  "How do I make sure I have qualified drivers?"  

Driving on the job Does your business have qualified drivers and how to screen drivers for your businessThe following content comes from our partners at Liberty Mutual Insurance and is meant to help respond to that concern.

You will need a process to qualify each driver to ensure maximum safety on the job.   Below are important best practices for creating a list of authorized and well-qualified drivers for your business.  You as a business owner may prefer to adopt some, or all of these best practices when it comes to deciding who should operate vehicles for your business.  

1.  Driver's License and Driving Record

Of course you'll want to make sure that the employee has the proper license for the type of vehicle they will be driving.   Once that information is confirmed - access their driving record.  Create criteria that is your standard and compare that record to your criteria.   Create a schedule to check that record periodically.

2.  Background, Reference, and Past Experience Checks

In the next step, verify past driving experience with previous employers.  The process of documenting efforts made to obtain past driving performance information can help you to make an informed decision as to whether the prospective employee should or should not be operating motor vehicles as part of your business operations.

3.  Driving Test

You may consider adding a driving test as part of the process.  As risky behaviors often lead to crashes, if you can identify drivers with aggressive or distractive behaviors you can reduce your exposure to this risk.  

4.  Motor Vehicle Operation Expectations

Create expectations for vehicle operation that include policies around distracted driving, seat belt use, speeding, crash reporting, and more.  Employees should be aware of the expectations and sign a compliance agreement before operating motor vehicles on company business.

5.  Performance Reviews

Your driver's ongoing performance should be measured.  Techniques may include telematics, observations, vehicle inspections, and more.  It is important to periodically compare a driver's performance to your expectations and to provide feedback.  Performance reviews should also involve driving record and compliance with company policies on all parts of a fleet safety program. 

Download the Driver Selection Toolkit

Looking for more resources to help hire qualified drivers?  Download the Liberty Mutual Driver Selection Toolkit above.  


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