The Insurance Company's Mobile App - 5 Things you can do

Mobile Apps make it simple for smartphone users to connect with people and businesses that we care about.  Did you know that many insurance companies have their own mobile app? 

What can you do with a mobile app from your insurance company? 

More insurance companies have mobile apps and there are many in development

This will differ from company to company but here are some of the things that you can do:


  1. Report a claim and upload photos from your claim directly to the company

  2. Make a payment

  3. Review your policy & sign forms electronically

  4. Get Roadside Assistance

  5. Find your parking spot



(Image:  Courtesy MAPFRE)


Check to see if your insurance company is on this ever-growing list of our insurance carriers that have a mobile app:


Mapfre insurance mobile app



Plymouth Rock Assurance Mobile App


Travelers Insurance Mobile App


Safety Insurance Mobile App


Safeco Insurance Mobile App





 Naturally, this list is subject to change.  Do you like the idea of an insurance company that continuously makes it easy for you to stay connected?  Contact us today if you are interested in getting a quote from one of the insurance companies that have a mobile app!

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