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Posted on Tue, Jul 17, 2018

It seems more and more Massachusetts drivers are taking up working for TNC companies such as Uber and Lyft.  Many ask the following question:  Does my Massachusetts Car insurance cover me while I drive for Uber or Lyft?  Does my Massachusetts Car Insurance cover me while I drive for Uber or Lyft - find out.

Does my car insurance cover me while I drive for Uber?

The quick answer is "Not always".  A Massachusetts Auto Insurance policy is a Personal policy.  It is not intended to support activities for public or livery conveyance.  The TNC company will tell you that they offer insurance to it's drivers, however, there are gaps between your Massachusetts car insurance policy and the TNC company insurance policy where you will not be protected against losses.   The largest area of concern is that time when you have your App turned on, but you have not yet picked up a passenger.  

Originally we wrote about this subject matter back in March of 2015 in our article titled "Thinking of Driving for Uber?  Are you Insured?"    There we shared the explanation provided by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents where the gap in insurance was for an unendorsed Massachusetts Car insurance policy, as well as other ride-sharing instances.  

Thankfully, a lot has happened since then to help Massachusetts drivers bridge that gap in insurance coverage by adding a special endorsement to the policy.   We announced in May of 2017 that MAPFRE was our first insurance company that offered such an endorsement.  More and more insurance carriers in Massachusetts are offering endorsements to the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy that helps TNC drivers.   However, one must be cautioned that each carrier has it's own guidelines and that not all drivers and not all vehicles will qualify.

What insurance companies offer TNC or Uber / Lyft Coverage?

As of this writing, here at Elliot Whittier Insurance we represent the following companies that will offer a TNC endorsement to their policy to qualified insureds:

  • Safety Insurance
  • Safeco Insurance

What is the cost to add TNC or Uber coverage?

Cost varies from carrier to carrier and with each individual driver and vehicle but it is usually available for under $200.

Quote my car insurance

Here is a great graphic from our partners at Safeco Insurance that illustrates how their endorsement will "Close the Gap" that exists between the MA auto policy and the TNC policy.

Safeco_RideShare_Infographic describes the gap between the Massachusetts car insurance policy and the TNC policy

These new optional coverages is one way our insurance companies are embracing the new "sharing economy" and working to provide coverage solutions not previously available.  

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