Sharing the East Boston Social Center

National Non-Profit Day was August 17th, and so we wanted to highlight one of our favorite local Non-Profits, East Boston Social Center!

What is the Mission of the East Boston Social Center?

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"East Boston Social Centers is a multi-service agency and community center that cultivates community, belonging, and joy. Founded in 1918 to welcome and support immigrant families, East Boston Social Centers continues to proudly embrace “welcome” in all we do.
Our core services range across educational, social, and recreational programs to support the diverse community of East Boston and our neighbors of all ages. Each year, we provide direct programming for 3,000+ children, teens, and adults, with an additional 30,000+ people benefiting from our meeting spaces and community events."

Here at Elliot Whittier Insurance, we plan to continue to highlight some of our favorite local non-profits in hopes that you might take a closer look at them whether it's to utilize services, share with others, or perhaps even consider becoming involved!

Were you ever involved with East Boston Social Centers? Do you have any great stories to share? #LocalNonProfits #EBSOC #EastBoston #Eastie #Community

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