Tips for Homeowners - How to Keep your Home Safe When Away on Vacation

As summer arrives, millions of Americans will be planning on taking a summer vacation.  As a homeowner, you are smart to ask yourself this question:  What are the best ways to keep my home safe when away on vacation?

When you are out of town, you will want to take certain steps to protect your home and your belongings from burglars, since they may tend to target empty homes.   According to Trusted Choice® and The Press Democrat, burglars targeted homes in a certain county "simply because there was an abundance of vacant homes" and that homes were "ransacked for valuables such as expensive electronics televisions, and jewelry."  With that thought in mind here are some easy tips that may help bring you some peace of mind while you are away.

How can you keep your home safe while you are away on vacation

Place your Mail and other Deliveries On Hold

Few things scream "There is no one home" more than an overflowing mailbox, packages on the front steps, or newspapers in the driveway.   Temporarily cease all deliveries or ask neighbors to collect them daily for you.  In addition, many identity thefts start off by stealing financial documents from the mail.  

Don't Announce that you will be Away

Although it may be tempting to post on social media your plans or photos, you should think twice about doing so.  While you probably do not have to worry about your friends and family, you don't know if any of their contacts may have criminal intent.   Remind your children to refrain as well.  You can consider posting as usual when you return.  

Consider an Alarm System 

A home security system is probably the best way to protect your home while you are away.  There are a number of types of systems on the market, including ones that you can monitor and activate or deactivate from a smart device.  In addition, you can often get a discount on your  home insurance when you have certain kinds of alarm systems.  If you already have an alarm system - consider calling the company to let them know you are away.

Make your Home Look Lived in While You are Away

If your home looks lived in, it may be less likely to be the target of a burglar. 

  • Use a timer for the lights or the TV so that they turn on and off during the day
  • Keep outdoor services such as lawn maintenance and sprinklers running
  • Have a neighbor come by to check on your home, water plants, etc.  The presence of activity can be a deterrent to a criminal.  

Some additional security steps

  • Make sure that all windows and doors are locked
  • Lock your garage door manually
  • Move expensive jewelry and other valuables out of site.  A home safe or bank safety deposit box may be best for valuables.  

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