Why EPLI Coverage is Essential for your Business

EPLI, or Employee Practices Liability Coverage is essential for protecting your business.  It's not a matter of IF a claim against you is made, it's a matter of when.

Your General Liability Policy does not cover you if an employees sues the company for reasons they deem they were inappropriately treated.  One can imagine ramifications from COVID-19, as well as the effects of social movements such as #MeToo,  Black Lives Matter, and Time's Up.

could your employee feel they are being mistreated at work?  Whether it is accurate or not they can sue talk to your insurance agent to find out how Employee Practices Liability Insurance may help protect your business  Pictured here is an Closeup portrait of angry sad annoyed skeptical, grumpy business man upset employee worker isolated grey wall background. Human emotions face expression reaction interpersonal conflict resolution

There was a time when discrepancies between an employer and employee would be settled with a conversation and a handshake.  This is not always the case and lawsuits against employers by their employees are becoming more commonplace. 

EPLI provides protection against many kinds of employee lawsuits, including but not limited to:

  • Sexual and other forms of harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination 

What to do?  Read more and check out the explainer video on our blog Is Employee Practices Liability Insurance for You.  You can also Request a Quote 24/7/365.

What to do Next?

Have us review your insurance policies and check that your limits are sufficient. Ask what the cost is to bump it up under higher limit scenarios.

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