Why we Love ZUMIX!

For as far back as we can remember, Elliot Whittier Insurance has been supporting the local non-profit ZUMIX.  They are unique in what they do - please check them out.

What Does ZUMIX do? 

Better question is, what don't they do.  

Zumix located in East Boston MA Sing Laugh Ect Square

For 30 years, ZUMIX has been empowering young people to build successful futures for themselves, transforming lives and community through music, technology, and creative employment.

Based in East Boston at a former firehouse, ZUMIX serves more than 1,000 young people each year through private lessons, ensembles, classes in radio and creative technology, and in-school partnerships. After more than a year of virtual classes and programming during the COVID-19 pandemic, ZUMIX welcomed students back to the firehouse for in-person rehearsals in early July.

This Sunday, July 11, the ZUMIX community will gather in East Boston to celebrate through the annual Walk for Music. The walk is a chance to come together in person, enjoy Eastie’s beautiful green spaces, and show community support for music and youth! The walk will end at Piers Park with the first ZUMIX Summer Concert of the year, featuring ZuKix (a ZUMIX youth ensemble) and Don’t Be Denied Band.

ZUMIX Walk for MUSIC 2021

Everyone is welcome to join the Walk for Music! Sign up to participate or donate to support ZUMIX’s programming. We hope to see you there!

What to do Next?

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