Our Massachusetts Auto and Home Insurance Discounts may save you hundreds

Is this your situation?  We write your Massachusetts home insurance, but not your Massachusetts car insurance?  Or...we write your car insurance but not your home insurance? 

- Did you know that there are discounts that you're NOT getting because we write only PART of your insurance program?

- If we handle your home insurance but not your car... almost all of our home insurance carriers will give you a credit on your home insurance policy IF we were to write your car insurance.  Some are as high as 20%!  This could save you hundreds on your home insurance PLUS you would get an account credit (read:  new discount) on your car insurance.

- On the other hand, if we write your Massachusetts car insurance but not any home, condo, or renter policy, the same sort of companion discounts may be available to you!  

Bundle your car and home insurance, it's a win/win!

Why not have all your insurance in the same place, and get extra discounts AND have the benefit of a complete review by us of all of your policies?  

Ask us to find out more! 

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