Luxury Coastal Home Insurance in Massachusetts

Homeowners on the North Shore of Boston want to have the best insurance for their properties that is available.  But if you live in Manchester, Essex, Beverly,  Marblehead, Ipswich or other Massachusetts coastal community, access to one or two coastal home insurance programs may be all your agent has.  Good news, we do have new options for your high-value homes on or near the water.

  • Have you been told that the only option for your home insurance is Mass Fair Plan?  
  • Does the Mass Fair Plan not provide you with special coverages that you need?
  • Feeling held-hostage by your home insurance options?
  • Or, are you paying too much to be in a special program?

Insurance for luxury coastal homes in Massachusetts with options to mass fair plan                               

Lets take a closer look at my home insurance



We have good news.  For qualified properties, we have options to high cost programs and to Mass Fair Plan and still have plenty of special coverage for your luxury home.  For instance: 

  • We can get your well-qualified home OUT of the Fair Plan. 
  • You can avoid the wind storm deductible in MORE CASES than with Mass Fair Plan.  Many times these wind storm deductibles with the Mass Fair Plan can amount to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars you pay out of pocket for a wind storm claim!
  • You may be able to opt for 0,1,2, or 5% hurricane deductible. 
  • In many cases, the premiums can be hundreds of dollars LESS than what you are paying now.  
  • Access double discounts.  You can get additional discounts on your home insurance premiums for having home + auto with us.  The Mass Fair Plan does NOT discount for this.                  

There are options to Mass Fair Plan and to "Cadillac Plans" for your luxury home insurance, even if you live on or near the coast in Massachusetts.... but not every insurance agent has access to these options.  Contact us and let us examine what this means for you in real dollars. 


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