Is there a Silver Lining to your MA Company's Group Health Insurance?

Here’s a recent story detailing the real value of having a MA Group Benefits Professional handling your Massachusetts company’s Group Medical Plan, otherwise known as MA Group Health Insurance.  There’s more to it than outlining plan options versus costs:

Client phone call regarding MA Group Medical plans and Ma Group health insurance

A client called asking for assistance.  In the course of initiating divorce proceedings, one of the business owners was told by his attorney that he needed a ‘loss of coverage’ letter prior to going to court.  Our employee benefits professional asked questions and found that the business owner was currently covering his spouse and children and had no intention of removing them from coverage after the divorce. 

Her response to the client was that only upon removal of a member or members, would an insurance carrier issue a ‘loss of coverage’ letter!  Therefore, the attorney was not correct in assuming the letter was available and the business owner should convey this to his attorney.  Possibly the divorce decree will require that the business owner continue coverage for his family. 

I'd like to speak to an Employee Group Medical Professional

More questions will likely follow.  Our MA Employee Benefits Professional is prepared to assist in any questions that arise for our Massachusetts business clients in these types of matters.   Contact Chris Millerick at 857-816-4935 or click above for more information!