Flood Insurance

UPDATE:  Suffolk County Flood Maps are changing March 16, 2016

New flood hazard maps are being issued for this area. When the maps take effect, they will show changes in local flood risks due to development, land use, and other factors. Whether you live or conduct business in a low-to-moderate risk area or a high-risk area, you'll want to be aware of the changes and how they affect you.

If your property is mapped into a high-risk flood zone, most lenders will require you to have flood insurance, and most home or business property insurance don't cover floods. It takes a separate flood insurance policy. However, there are options available to help reduce the cost.

If your property is mapped out of a high-risk flood zone, your risk is reduced but not removed. Flood insurance is not federally required but is still available and recommended. Many existing policies can easily be converted to a low-cost Preferred Risk Policy, which offer the same quality coverage, starting at roughly $350.

Whatever zone you're in, remember that it does not take a major storm to cause devastating floods. An afternoon storm or a backed-up local storm drain can bring inches of water into your building, causing thousands of dollars in damage to equipment, walls, floors and furniture.

If you are currently in a low-to-moderate flood zone and have concerns about being mapped into a high-risk flood zone,  there may be ways to mitigate flood premium costs.


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FEMA has map specialists ready to help you assess your zone, and you can call them direct at 1-877-336-2627.

If you would like help with a policy, or, more information, feel free to call us at 617-846-5000 and mention this article. We can help you assess your level of flood risk and suggest ways to save on your flood insurance premium. Together, we can select the right level of protection for your home or business in the event of a flood.


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