Free Reminders, Right in your Inbox!

One of our trusted car insurance carriers, Plymouth Rock Assurance, is offering free eReminders to all Massachusetts drivers.

Sign up and ask them to remind you of these important

They will send you an email to remind you:

  • When your license renewal is due
  • When your registration expires
  • When your car inspection expires

Plymouth Rock will automatically send you email reminders
about 30 days before expiration if you sign up for this service.
What are you waiting for? Sign up for eReminders here. It's FREE!

You don’t have to be insured with Plymouth Rock to enjoy
this free service! This is just their way of making the lives
of Massachusetts drivers a little easier. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, sign up for other email reminders that will help save
you time and protect you and your family;

Sign up for email recall alerts for your car.

Register your car seat to receive car seat recalls.

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