What are the basics of Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it.

Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people.

Home insurance is available when you own your home and can also be called an HO-3 or an HO-5 policy.  Condo insurance is available if you own a condo and is also called an HO-6.  Tenants insurance is available if you are a renter, and is also called an HO-4.  More information on these policies are below:

If you rent a home to others, a traditional home insurance policy will not protect you.  For that, you need a Dwelling Fire policy.

One of the many fine companies that we represent here at Elliot Whittier Insurance is The Travelers.  Check out this Insurance 101 video from our friends at Travelers Insurance for a great basic video on Home Insurance.



 There's a lot more to your home insurance policy than just the building, the contents, and the liability.  Some of the following coverages may be included in your policy, and some may need to be added by endorsement.  

  • Loss of Use or Additional Living Expense
  • Equipment Breakdown or Home Systems Protection Coverage
  • Scheduling expensive items such as jewelry, watches, silverware, etc.
  • Water Back-Up Coverage
  • Sump Pump Coverage
  • Coverage for business in the home

As always, you should speak to us or to your agent if you have any questions on what your policy covers.

At Elliot Whittier, we are independent insurance agents. That means we have multiple home insurance companies we work with, not just One Big One!              

We pride ourselves on our ability to find you the most appropriate coverage for you and for your family and the best available rates. 


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What is not covered by my home insurance policy?

One may wonder, what's not covered on my home insurance?  Damage caused by most disasters is covered but there are exceptions. The most significant are damage caused by floods, earthquakes and poor maintenance. You must buy separate policies for flood and earthquake coverage. Maintenance-related problems are the homeowners' responsibility..

Combine your car insurance with your home, renters or condo insurance at Elliot Whittier, for even MORE discounting.

How do you find the best discounts for home insurance in Massachusetts?

There are discounts available for home insurance in Massachusetts.  Fortunately, here at Elliot Whittier Insurance, we are independent agents representing many different insurance companies, so we are able to shop the marketplace for the best home insurance company, with the best coverage, at the best rate for you.  Not all discounts are available from all carriers or to every client - many you must qualify for, and, discounts may vary.  However, some discounts that are available on Massachusetts home insurance policies are:

  • Account Credits - when you combine your home and your auto insurance with us
  • Loss Free - when you have an established history without claims
  • Non-Smokers
  • Work less that 20 hours per week
  • Central Station Alarm System discount
  • Pay-in-full discount

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Often when you buy a new insurance policy, the insurance company will send someone out to inspect the home and check for hazards that may cause injury or maintenance issues.  Do you know what some of the potential dangers could be?  Take this quick test from our friends at Safeco Insurance to see if you can identify some of them.  


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