Insurance for Gyms and Health & Fitness Businesses in Massachusetts

One of the first questions a gym owner may ask is "How Much is Gym Insurance?"  The answer will depend on many factors, such as the size of your gym, the number of employees, and the type of services that you are offering.  Your Gym Insurance costs will depend on the property and liabilities that you need to cover. Elliot Whittier Insurance has access to Specialized Insurance Programs created for many different types of Gyms and Health and Fitness businesses in Massachusetts and beyond, including insurance for member based or trainer based businesses.

Insurance for gyms in Massachusetts


If you own or run any kind of Fitness establishment, having a comprehensive insurance program in place to protect you and your staff is imperative.  Likely you will want to consider the following risks, which is not meant to be an all-inclusive list:   

What are Gym, Health Club and Fitness Center Risks?

As a trainer or gym owner, likely you are offering advice on body positioning, limits, perhaps even diet.  You are also coming into close physical contact with your members.

  • Injury: Most clubs have clients sign waivers.  Even with that, a facility is at risk if a client gets hurt on the premises.  Ask about the "Waiver Saver" program available to certain clients.  
  • Equipment: You can be held liable if a client claims your faulty equipment caused them injury. 
  • Trainers and staff:  Even with well-trained staff, there are certain liabilities resulting from the improper use of your equipment.  

What does Gym and Fitness Center Insurance Cover?

According to Trusted Choice®Gym insurance is a unique combination of insurance coverages that are relevant for gyms, fitness centers, or health clubs. The specific coverage types and amounts you will need for your facility will depend on factors such as the size of the facility, the services offered and the number of employees.

A typical fitness insurance program consist of several coverage types, including:

  • Gym liability insurance: Your gym liability insurance will need to include several categories of liability risks you may face, such as:
    • General liability: Covers bodily injury and property damage your fitness center may responsible for.
    • Professional liability: Covers risks due to "errors and omissions" by staff members. For example, in the case of a health club or fitness center, advice regarding an exercise regimen that leads in a client's illness or injury would be covered by professional liability insurance.
    • Product liability: Covers your risks related to selling products such as workout equipment and nutritional products.
    • Employees practices liability insurance: Covers the risk of the gym or fitness center, as an employer, in the event that your facility is accused of poor practices, sexual harassment or discrimination regarding hiring, firing and employee discipline.
  • Property coverage: Covers damage to your gym facility from causes such as fire, severe weather and vandalism.
  • Equipment coverage: This can be a separate policy, but is more often a rider or endorsement attached to another business insurance policy that covers breakdown of your equipment.
  • Workers compensation: Covers work-related injuries or illnesses your employees may experience on the job, and covers some portion of lost wages.

You may need additional coverage, depending upon the nature of the services provided at your workout facility or health club.  When you work with us at Elliot Whittier Insurance, know that you are working with knowledgeable insurance agents who can help identify your particular risks and help to create a unique plan that meets your needs and budget.  

Claims happen and as the owner or manager, you will want to make sure the insurance for your health and fitness business in Massachusetts is there for you.  Whether you run your own branded facility, yoga studio, golf course, tennis club, or a franchised club, we can get you access to insurance products that can help respond to risks inherent to your business.  Below is a partial list of some of the businesses we can work with:

  • Gym Insurance in Massachusetts
  • Insurance for Planet Fitnesses in Massachusetts
  • Insurance for CrossFit Gyms in Massachusetts
  • Fitness Together Insurance
  • Orange Theory Insurance
  • Yoga Studio Insurance
  • Personal Training Gym Insurance
  • Insurance for Golf Courses
  • Insurance for YMCA's
  • Insurance for Dance Studios in Massachusetts
  • and much more!

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