Reviews of Elliot Whittier Insurance from local Massachusetts Business Insurance Clients

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Reviews of business insurance agency for Elliot Whittier Insurance


June 2019

"You guys have been so great over the years.  We are only a 4 unit condo association but whatever and whenever one of the members needs something Connie is always so helpful and she is so good with them.  She always assists them with whatever they need.  She has such a nice way about her, she’s always there and she’s always connected.  I don’t think I have ever met her but it feels like she’s a friend."

Robert G., Sea Street Condo Trust, Quincy, MA  


October 2018

"Joyce is great.  Always follows up, never lets anything slip through the cracks and always has interest in protecting my business needs.  Excellent service and I would definitely recommend Elliot Whittier Insurance to others."

Michael Gallant, Perfect Parties USA, Peabody, MA


September 2018

Excellent service.  Response has always been fast and correct.  Peter has always met my expectations - I am very likely to recommend Elliot Whittier Insurance to others.

George Dawe
New England Wood Systems


March 2018

The service that I get exceeds my expectations.  Peter is very prompt and thorough.  I am definitely likely to recommend Elliot Whittier to others.

Linda Younker
Andover Arborists

January 2018

"Thanks again, appreciate your diligence and knowledge in helping our Non-Profit organization navigate through this process."

Alex Charalambides, MassLeap


September 2017

The level of service that we received was excellent.  Both Amy & Peter provided us with rapid response to our claim and I would definitely recommend Elliot Whittier to others.

G. Beaver, Complete Cleaning Co., Inc., Lynn, MA


December 2016

Our claim was settled fairly and honestly.  You guys have been great.  We are very satisfied with all of the dealings with your firm.  Connie, Amy, and Wayne have all been especially great.  Should you ever need a reference, please feel free to give my information.

Ken Miller, Framingham Salvage
Framingham, MA


March 2016

The service that I get from Donna at Elliot Whittier Insurance is excellent and consistently exceeds my expectations.   Donna provides prompt and excellent service on a continuous basis.

Linda, Andover Arborists , Andover, MA


March 2016

The service is excellent.  Connie is always professional, always responsive and always there for me.   I am very likely to recommend Elliot Whittier Insurance to others.

Robert G., Sea Street Condo Trust, Quincy MA


January 2016

The service that I get from Connie at Elliot Whittier Insurance is excellent and continuously meets with my expectations.  

D.M. A Corp., Billerica, MA

September 25, 2015

 “I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with the California Workers Compensation policy and let you know that I appreciate all the help that Barbara has provided me and promises to continue to do.   I think without question we made the right decision changing to Elliot Whittier Insurance Services."

Steffie G., Jaybird & Mais, Inc.,  Lawrence, MA”


August 26, 2015

The level of service that we receive from Penny at Elliot Whittier Insurance always exceeds my expectations.  She is very prompt and thorough.  I would recommend Elliot Whittier Insurance to others looking for attentive service from their insurance agent!

Linda Y., Andover Arborists


July 30 2015

“Recently here at Woodside Hardware we experienced our first workers comp claim ever.  We are happy to say that our employee was not seriously injured and was able to return to work after a few weeks.  However initially we were expecting a huge headache, along with a lot of time and paperwork.   In fact we were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly and effortlessly everything went.   Steve Roy set our mind at ease from the get-go that everything would be taken care of and that is exactly what happened.   Thanks Elliot Whittier Insurance!” 

Paul Leavy, Woodside Ace Hardware, Winthrop, MA


July 2015

I LOVE Elliot Whittier Insurance Services, LLC  I had an issue with getting a permit and my agent Andrew called me on his vacation just to check in with me. Above and beyond service. I can't leave out Barbara and John. They are all rock stars!!!

Kate E., Blackstrap BBQ & Tasty Plates Catering, Winthrop, MA


June 2015

The service that I get from my account representative Connie is excellent, she is a star and responsive to any needs that I have surrounding my insurance policies.   I am highly likely to recommend Elliot Whittier Insurance to others. 

Robert G., Sea Street Condo Trust, Quincy MA


February 2015

"Connie was extremely helpful and very attentive to my needs.  She made me feel comfortable asking the questions I had concerning my policy.  Great Job"

Maureen H.,  Boston, MA

December 2014

"I am treated better at Elliot Whittier than anywhere else. I don't mean better than other insurance agencies, I mean better than any place else at all.  John can put his hands on any records practically instantaneously and can compile a historical report overnight. Plus, he is a very diplomatic gentleman.  The level of service is excellent and I would very likely recommend Elliot Whittier to others." 

Edward B., Winthrop, MA

September 2014

“I cannot say enough about the incredible service provided by my representative John at Elliot Whittier Insurance.  I had recently ran into quite a difficult situation with my wedding client’s venue.  John went above and beyond to make sure that everything that was needed for the insurance was in place correctly and satisfied all of the parties involved.    He navigated a rough situation for us and for that I am extremely grateful!”        

Kate E., Blackstrap BBQ & Tasty Plates Catering, Winthrop, MA


July 2014 -

"I have been with Elliot Whittier since 1972 (when I first got my license).... we have come a long way together.  Thank you everyone at EW for great service!!"

Rich Johnson, Norwood, MA
All Write Transcription and Reporting Services, Inc.


May 2014 -

"Thank you so much Lin, for directing me to Mary Jane.  She was so helpful in the process of getting us health coverage & I enjoyed talking to her.  You were right-on about her!  This is why I love doing business with you & your agency (prompt, professional & personality!!!!  Thanks Again!

Russell & Wendie LeBlanc
LeBlanc Septic Inspections
Fiskdale, MA

February 2014 -

"Elliot Whittier Insurance made a lousy experience very easy to deal with.  We suffered a power outage here at Danvers Auto.  When the power came back on, it blew everything, the phones, the computers, and the equipment, which pretty much ground my business operations to a halt.  It cost thousands to get technicians in here and get everything working again so we could get back in business.   Thankfully, my rep at Elliot Whittier, Lin, put me in touch with Amy, the claims specialist at the agency.  It was just days until I had a check for those expenses.  It was phenomenal!  You just don’t think things will work out that way but it did.  I’m very happy with how my entire claim experience was handled at Elliot Whittier Insurance."

 -Tom Elliott, Owner, Danvers Auto Engineering, Danvers, MA

 “I’ve been with Elliot Whittier since my inception in business since 1981 and can confirm that they have met all my needs both professionally and personally . They continue to excel in all they do and don’t rest on their laurels.  Recently (Kristin from) Elliot Whittier called unexpectedly  to inform me (she/they), could save me money on one of my policies and get me better coverage if I wanted to switch insurance carriers.   I was more than pleasantly surprised with the unexpected  news and savings and instructed her to make the switch asap.   I couldn’t be more pleased with the way they initiated this and how they handle all my other personal and business insurance needs. They once again have gone above and beyond that which is typical of most other agencies.”

- Sincerely,  Bob Inello ,Nahant, MA
Inello Electric, Revere, MA


“I am writing this letter to thank you, Erica and the entire EWIS staff.  I truly appreciate the detail and service I have received during my Insurance transformation.  I couldn’t be any happier and look forward to a successful working relationship.  Again, thank you…”

- Richard D. Aiello, Jr, President
Cablenet Systems, Inc., Peabody, MA


“I’m very satisfied with Andrew and everyone at Elliot Whittier.  They do a great job handling all my insurance matters with incredible customer service, not to mention saving me over $2000 last year.”
– Nick D – East Boston, MA

For questions, please call Chris Millerick, Marketing & Sales at Elliot Whittier, at 857-816-4935