Why Elliot Whittier

We believe that if we treat our employees well they will do the same for our clients. We manifest this by fostering a friendly workplace where communication and mutual respect are practiced. Employee performance is measured, at least annually, against our stated Core Principles

We consider ourselves a Family Friendly business. We acknowledge that the demands of the job sometimes take a backseat to the needs of the family. Some of our people work a flexible schedule, sometimes working from home.

We support many community organizations and charities with our time and resources and encourage our staff to do the same. Some of our activities include schools, religious organizations, the arts, health maintenance, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, scholarships, credit unions, youth centers and youth sports.

We attempt to hire people with good attitudes and a solid educational foundation. We look for people who are compatible with our environment and willing to pursue an insurance education that leads to licensing and a professional designation. Of our 21 employees, 16 have Insurance licenses and 14 have professional designations. At Elliot Whittier, we consider continuing education to be important to career development.

We prefer to have a multigenerational/multicultural workforce where experienced staff will mentor newer staff. We want our staff to reflect the demographics of our market.

We are committed to providing employees with the tools and authority they need to get the job done for the client. This translates to providing you with up-to-date technology comfortably situated in a well lighted and roomy workspace.

We pride ourselves on being open to your suggestions and ideas so that we can do a better job for you and our clients. We strongly encourage our staff to share thoughts and concerns and we can assure you that Management listens. Ask anyone who knows us!